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I am sooooo excited to be finally doing this!

Hi there!!!

A little about me…….

I am from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. No they do not look alike physically in any way! It’s just something we say here in the Caribbean 😄.

Two months ago, on September 23rd, my little sister Anna passed away at the age of 25. She had only turned 25 three days prior to her death.

I will share more about her life and her ailment in my future posts. But her passing has taught me so many things about life that I have come to realize that God wants me to share them with others.

Are all of them positive and happy? Heck no!!

I am still on the journey toward healing and I hope you will join me. Perhaps you have lost a loved one as well. Or perhaps you have lost all hope because of…….well…Life.

Whatever path you are on right now, the intention is that you will find hope within these posts. Within this community that is about to be formed, I hope that you will also find love.

And more importantly, may we all find a New Perspective.

Through this blog I hope to be real, raw and genuine about my life experiences in hopes that it will help us all Change our Perspective when life seems intent on beating us down and keeping us there.

Why don’t you join me?! 💁‍♀️

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