Cling to Him

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There is something special about the fact that Ruth didn’t kiss Naomi too and go her own way. Instead she CLUNG to her.

She clung to a new LIFE. A new existence. A new people. A new land. A new walk. A new career. A new family.

Feels alot like my life right now. I lost my little sister. Ruth lost her husband. And just like she did…..instead of returning to what was familiar……I chose to cling to a NEW LIFE, a new community, a new job location, a new way of life.

And just like Ruth, I don’t regret it. Sure its been hard! And lonely sometimes. But in it I see God’s hand leading me to something greater than myself. To something greater than my ‘comfort zone’, greater than my dreams, greater than my hopes and expectations.

Greater than anything I ever imagined. 🌍

What is it that God is calling you to? What terrible experience have you gone through and had the worst perspective about? 🤔

It’s time to cling to the one who knows you better than you know yourself. The one who knows your Purpose. The one who knows why you had to go through it. The one who alone is able to heal the pain and use it for His Glory 🙌.

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