Can these dry bones live?

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I cried reading the full portion of this scripture.

Sigh……I guess because the words spoke to my spirit. Yes Abeo, the dry areas of your life can indeed live!

But I had to see that there were dry places in the first place!! Areas of me that needed healing. My heart, my faith……my mind! Many times we don’t realise it till it’s completely dry (dead really!!) and we are running on the ‘fumes’ of habit and religiousness.

You know exactly what I mean! πŸ˜‰….. we know when to lift our hands and shout Hallelujah…….but its all just empty ’emotional’ praise. Not praise from the heart.
Because you’re DRY. You’re hurt on the inside. You’re angry about something and can’t let it go.

What is it that is dry in your life? Be honest with yourself. You can’t confront what you are not aware of. And the enemy loves to fool us into thinking that we are strong and everything is ok!! πŸ˜ πŸ’£πŸ’₯

It’s time to let God into that ‘grave’ so that He may restore you through His GRACE. ❀ Be encouraged. All is not lost. This is just the beginning. πŸ€—

Check out this beautiful song by Todd Galberth and be blessed.

#bookofezekiel #godisarestorer #dryboneswillliveagain #jesusstickscloserthanabrother 😭

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