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Don’t you just love it when God teaches you a lesson?


In my last post I spoke about the Fear of Judgement. And in it I shared on how I realized that my greatest judge and critic was actually …….. (go check out the post to find out 😁). Fear of Judgement

Well I have to be honest and real with you.

I wrote that post…..and then I continued to do the very thing that I knew was destructive and non beneficial to my growth.


BUT………….WHY????!!!! 😫

Such a perfect question.

Sigh…….I guess it became such a HABIT that doing it came naturally to me. And isn’t that how life is? We identify our weaknesses and shortcomings and assume that this is the beginning of our breakthrough.

We believe that knowing is equivalent to Overcoming.

But it isn’t.

Last night a friend of mine noticed my poor posture (drooping shoulders, head looking down) and called me out on the reason for my low self esteem. She identified the lies that I had been believing about myself and then spoke the TRUTH of who I am over me. She prayed for me and reminded me that I was to let God fix the things I didn’t like about myself. It wasn’t up to me.

And then this morning I woke up and the Holy Spirit led me to put on the audio bible (I use the YouVersion app) and then He reminded me of something my friend had encouraged me to do:

Write down all of the things that you KNOW about yourself. The things that you are sure of.

And so I did! And bit by bit the truth began to break the lies that I had been allowing myself to believe! I mean they fell right off of me and I felt lighter and free and whole!!!


And today (on this beautiful Good Friday), I am here to be that friend to YOU!


Because as a Child of God we are free from Condemnation. We are free from Judgement because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross.

You are free from past sins and DO NOT have to live in them anymore!!!!

God has Forgiven YOU.

When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.
John 19:30 ESV


All this time I had been beating myself up for my past ways of thinking toward other people and my past hurts.

I kept believing that I had an evil heart. And it beat me down to the point that I almost lost my identity.

I didn’t want to be ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh. I didn’t want to be me. 😒

……And then God hit me with such a mind boggling Revelation concerning why He allowed me to go through all this turmoil……..

I had been judging myself the same way I used to judge others. And it had been crippling and downright hurtful.

This is what I had done to my friends in the past. I hurt them. 😭

And now I know what it feels like.

And I promise you…..I NEVER want to be like that or hurt anyone like that ever again!

I have learned my lesson.

And it may seem harsh that God allows us to go through certain situations to teach us something. But you see…….we have the wrong Perspective.

The situation isn’t about YOU. It is so that you can learn from it and help someone else!!!

Kinda like what I am doing right now πŸ™‚.


Whatever you are going through right now, my encouragement to you is ‘GET UP AND PUSH HARDER!’

You will make it through.

You have to.

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