Lessons from Jesus

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There is a Spoken Word artist that I love to follow on Instagram and sometime ago she did a post that spoke about the fact that there are many things that we can learn from Jesus’ walk.

But she wasn’t referring to obvious things like:

  • Casting out demons
  • Healing the sick
  • And other signs and wonders….


She was talking about learning from:

  • The way He interacted with sinners
  • His heart
  • His love for people
  • The way He handled tough situations

And it really convicted me! It ignited a desire in me to want to intentionally dig deeper and learn from Jesus’ time on Earth.So from time to time I will be sharing ‘Lessons from Jesus’ that I come across in my studies.

Here is Lesson 1

In the story of the woman who was accused of adultery (John ch 8) we see that when the Pharisees asked Jesus what should be done to the woman: Jesus paused and began to write on the ground.

All the while, the men were asking Him for an answer so that they
could find some way to accuse Him.

But instead of responding to them immediately, even though He had Godly wisdom, He paused (and I suppose ignored their accusations for the moment).

What if we too as children of God should learn the value of
not responding immediately?

I see now that although someone may want me to respond, I don’t have to do so when they want me to.

I should instead PAUSE – stop, pray, seek wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit first – and then respond based on what God says (or based on what His word says).

In what ways do you think you could apply this lesson to your own life?

What do you do to help you respond wisely instead of reacting immediately?

You can share your comments below!

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