Freedom Journey – Part 2

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Freedom I have come to realize is a journey. It is NOT a destination.

I used to think that to be free meant that I could finally LIVE and do whatever I wanted to, without feeling condemned. And it does!

But also………it means daily healing from the scars of my poor thought patterns of the past. It has also meant learning how to think right thoughts by choosing to daily accept what the Word of God says about me and not what my mind says.

And I will tell you… is HARD!

Who would have thought that walking in freedom would be this difficult?!

After being set free, the true revelation of the Journey in front of me set in some days later……and it literally was like………

Hit me in the face……(true story! 🙋‍♀️) 😂🤦‍♀️

I mean we chase after freedom!!!!! But are we willing to put in the work to keep it?

Sidenote: Just in case you are unsure as to what type of freedom I am talking about, you should check out part 1 first!

Breaking free from old habits is hard work. Old desires, old thoughts, old mindsets.

Hard. Work.

So then what is Freedom?





Freedom is a state of mind.

It is NOT about ‘finding truth’ as some people say, through meditation or whatever 🙄.

Freedom starts with choice.

Today I was dealing with my heart concerning someone that I have been struggling to love. I finally had figured out why I struggled to love them so much…….

====> In my mind I had developed the belief that this person always criticized me.

I would hear the person’s voice in my head! And it was always a negative comment.

And so, after months of going through that torment……I developed resentment toward them. I also realised that because of these feelings, I always wanted to either rebel against them or run away in fear from them.

But that is not the sad part.

The sad part is that this person is in fact nothing like what I have been believing!

They were ALL LIES!! Lies fed to my mind by the enemy. And unfortunately, I believed it 🙁.


So now that I knew the truth, I began to pray and repent to God for it. I understood that I would have to intentionally feed my mind the truth of God’s word to combat against the lies.

And then the sweetest thing happened!

Just at that moment a ray of sunshine came straight through my window and onto my bed!!

Rain had been falling intermittently and the whole day had been dark and gloomy. But right at that moment, the Lord sent a ray of sunshine as if to say…….

“Don’t you worry! You’re doing a good job.”

And I started to just cry tears of gratitude!!!! 😭

Sigh……and suddenly, it was all worth it.

The hard work, the pain, the frustration with myself. Worth it. ❤

And THAT my friend, is Freedom.

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