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While in church one Sunday, one of the Leaders asked how many of us struggled to read the Bible. And many raised their hands. Honestly I should have too.

Then she asked the reason why.

Some said they struggled to understand what it was saying at times. Others said they struggled with distractions that made it hard to focus on what they were reading.

She then explained something so very profound.

She said there is a wide gap between the time in which the Bible was written and the time that we live in now. Many of the Parables in the Bible for example, used terms that the people of that time would have understood.

We however would not understand them today.

Therefore…….we cannot just read the Bible because we are expected to. We are to study the word so that we will properly understand what is being said!

How do you study the Word you might ask?

  1. Start with the scripture taught at church.
  2. Read it again and make sure you understand what was taught.
  3. Personalize whatever you have read. Speak it over your own life.
  4. Write down any questions that you may have concerning the portion of scripture.
  5. Use Biblical Resources – a Lexicon, Bible Dictionary, Greek Dictionary, websites etc.

Case in point:

I have grown to LOVE the Word of God. But there are several areas of my life that I struggle in. One of them …… PRIDE.

So I have been reading the Book of Ephesians in chapter 4 and something struck me:

Ephesians 4:1‭-‬3 ESV

I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

The word humility stood out to me first. I always thought that to be humble, I had to pull myself down. And so I would always beat myself down internally:

  • I would downplay successes
  • I would encourage others and not encourage myself
  • I couldn’t accept encouragement from others for things that I had done
  • I would do many good deeds and never felt proud about having done a good deed!

But I never felt good about myself. And eventually I began to realise that I had the wrong understanding of what humility really meant.

So what does HUMILITY MEAN?????!!!!!!!!

Well I decided to find out.

I pulled up and searched for this specific scripture (Ephesians 4:2). Then I clicked on ‘Interlinear’and this provided me with the Greek translation for each word in verse 2. Humilty therefore means:

tapeinophrosune: humility

Definition: lowliness of mind, humility
Usage: humility, lowliness of mind, modesty.

There are also Lexicons and Commentaries below to help me get a deeper understanding of the meaning of the word!! Here is the one I liked the best:
In Scripture, /tapeinophrosýnē (“lowliness, humility”) is an inside-out virtue produced by comparing ourselves to the Lord (rather than to others). This brings behavior into alignment with this inner revelation to keep one from being self-exalting (self-determining, self-inflated). For the believer, /tapeinophrosýnē (“humility”) means living in complete dependence on the Lord, i.e. with no reliance on self (the flesh).


I just LOVE IT!!!!

When I read this it literally broke me. The truth of it hit me hard and in my spirit I knew that this was what it really meant!

Complete reliance on GOD and not on self.

Do you see how amazing studying the Word of God is?!!! Had I only read that scripture, I would have had very limited understanding of what was required of me.

So now I plan on getting some more Bible Resources to help me get a deeper understanding of the Word. As I locate them, I will provide a list to help you all in your search as well.

Happy Studying!!!! 😊

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