Safe in His arms – Hearing God

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Have you ever been afraid to hear the voice of God?

Sounds strange right?!!!

Sighhhhh……… I really don’t know if I am the only person to ever struggle with this but……..

Honestly …….I’m afraid to hear His voice. 😰

And I guess when I really think about it, the reason for being afraid……………is that I am afraid of hearing the wrong voice.


Now don’t get me wrong. I have heard Him before! So this is not a blog questioning whether or not He speaks.


I am sure of it.

But within recent months……I have had so many other voices in my mind governing my life that they seemed to have blocked out HIS.

And now I have this fear deep inside wondering “Can I still hear Him?” It’s been so terrible and crippling.

In my posts on Freedom I shared on my personal mental battles. See them here and here. Freedom is great! But in my process of getting to this place of freedom, I became so dependent on other people to hear from God for me that…

I didn’t believe I was capable anymore.

I beat myself down internally, and had so very many insecurities, doubts and fears. So I held on to their coattails and by God’s grace I made it through!

But there was collateral damage.

To my self esteem and my faith.

I became fearful. I couldn’t make a decision without consulting someone. And worse than that………the enemy began to mess with my mind. I would feel as if he was attacking me all the time. Which affected my trust in God to protect me and keep me safe.


I don’t know who this word is for but God wants you to know that you are not the only one going through this!!! There is a way out. He is a WayMaker!!!!! This is a true and real-time testimony of my personal experience and I pray that it blesses you and changes your life!

Soooooo Back to my Dilemma……

I want to hear God’s voice again!!!!! 😭

I need to. I need GOD.

And I repent for having put man above Him. We should NEVER EVER do this!!!!!


It’s time for me to just face the truth. And run to HIM again. But it’s so much harder this time! Sigh.

And so I did.



I sat down in silence and waited for Him to speak to me.



And do you know what He showed me???!!!!


Scriptures on faith began to jump out at me!

Without faith it is impossible to please God. If I do not have faith in God, then how can I hear from God?!

I have to BELIEVE:

  1. Believe that He is God – All Powerful, All Knowing, Present Everywhere
  2. Believe that HE is in control and not me
  3. Believe that with God ALL THINGS are possible
  4. Believe that in His arms I am safe ❤

And a sleep came over me that caused me to knock out right on the sofa. A deep sweet sleep. 😊

And nothing bothered me! I felt …….SAFE!


Despite how you may feel today, you should run to Him. Set aside some time to pray and listen to God. And may the truth of God lift every burden in Jesus’ name!

There is no greater feeling in the world than to know that God has heard your cry and answered your prayer.

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!

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