The Power of Choice – Time to Fight Back

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It’s amazing how much we take our freedom to choose for granted.

Too easily ………..we just give it away!

“What do I mean?? 🤔”

Ok lemme break it down for you….



I’ll explain by giving an example:

Eve gave away her freedom in the Garden of Eden.

She had the power of choice to tell the devil NO!!! But instead, she listened to the wrong counsel …..and the rest is History.

A mistake that we all pay for today.

And we condemn her constantly for it! (especially us Ladies!! 😒)

But………..what if we understood that our own mistakes could have this much impact on the future?!……

Maybe if we knew this, we would be alot more cautious about what we choose to believe!

We wouldn’t believe the cunning lies of the enemy. Telling us that we ‘don’t have to’ do what God told us to do.

And we wouldn’t give our freedom (future or present) away…….


Some weeks ago I saw a post making fun of the fact that after 4 hours of fasting, your ‘stomach’ tells you that you have fasted long enough, and you can go eat now.

And in scrolling through the comments, many other persons could identify with giving into their stomach!

But what if God told you to fast? Shouldn’t you complete the assignment? 🤔

In reality the post was meant as a joke, but really and truly……’s NOT funny!! Disobedience to God is no joke.

We are still paying for Adam and Eve’s disobedience today.

My Disobedience

It may have seemed as if I was just going to bash all of those persons who commented on the post and said “Me too!”, but honestly I am writing to convict my own heart.

I have been disobedient.

God’s Word says that ‘The just shall live by faith’. But I have been struggling to have faith in God.

The enemy’s lies and present threats always seem so much louder than God’s promises for the future!!!!!!


But NONE of them are bigger than my God!!!!! He is the reason why I am still here today.

So this morning, I woke up and had to put the devil in his place!!!!! (Any Caribbean person would understand what I mean by this 😠).

The devil was trying to give me a dream totally outside of God’s will for my life. So instead of giving in to the sexual temptation…….

I woke up, rebuked the devil and told him to get the HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE AND MY MIND!!!!!

We cannot allow the enemy room in our lives. Because then, we give up the freedom that God has given to us.

That dream would have led to me being in spiritual bondage if I had let it slide. And quite frankly, I’ve already been there and have NO intentions of going back!!!!!!


I know this is a long post but……

I am not playing anymore.

And I know I am not alone in this. So if the enemy has been trying to bring back your past,

It is time to remind him of HIS future!!!!

In the end, the devil LOSES!! And I have no plans on joining him. So he is gonna have to ‘know his place’! And it is NOT in my life.

Stand up, be bold and take authority.

Full stop.

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