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The story of Joseph is profound and powerful.

He was sold as a slave by his own brothers, taken to Egypt, and was even thrown into prison for doing the right thing!!!!

But 2 things stand out to me in his story:

  1. He never blamed God
  2. He forgave his brothers!

How can anyone possibly love God AND their family after going through so much rejection and disappointment????!!!!!

I am struggling with this one you guys.

This is one of my faults and I have to admit it:

I hate to be taken advantage of.

Maybe it is because I am quiet and growing up it was seen as a sign of weakness.

Maybe it is because I let other people’s opinions become my own instead of speaking up and voicing my opinion.

Maybe it’s because I put myself down so many times that I don’t even know how to accept encouragement.

Maybe……. it’s time for this to change.

And perhaps God is using Joseph’s story to change my heart.

In reading the story, we see that despite everything Joseph suffered, God was with Joseph always.

  • After being sold to Potiphar, God granted him favour and he was placed head of Potiphar’s house.

Even though he had been a SLAVE!!!

  • Then while in prison, God gave him favour with the prison guard and Joseph was placed as the head of the prison!!!! 😳

Whoa!! Everything that was done in the prison, he was running it.

Joseph was a prisoner yet he was in charge of the other prisoners!


  • And then again after he was able (through God) to interpret the Pharaoah’s dream, he was placed as Second in Command over ALL of Egypt!!

It shows me that even in the lowest place, God can grant us favour and blessings.


God is just soooo incredible!!!!

The power of Forgiveness…

Joseph did not let his situation, affect his faith in God. He trusted God despite being in a truly terrible position multiple times in his life.

Faithfulness to God. Inspite of the storm. Inspite of the pain.

And I can only imagine that after seeing God work things out for him sooooo many times, Joseph realised that:

Everything had a purpose

His slavery, his rejection, his pain, his moments of doubt of ever leaving that prison……..

But you see, his time in prison worked Patience, Faith and even helped him practice his Gift of Dream Interpretations!!!!!!

What if we tap into that and harness it into a new mindset and Perspective to live by?

Faithfulness to God. Inspite of the storm.

Inspite of the pain.

I think……

I am gonna try.

A little harder this time……

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