Lessons from the movie SING

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Yes you read that correctly.

It’s amazing how much we can learn from a movie when the Holy Spirit guides us.


Some nights ago I sat down and pretty much forced myself to relax and watch a movie. And I felt led to watch the animated movie: SING.


After watching the movie……I felt so…….INSPIRED!

I immediately pulled out my phone and began to write out what I had learned from each character. And honestly,

It’s pretty Life Changing 💖

Some of you may have already seen the movie, so how about you try to figure out which lesson came from which character?! 😁😜

And I definitely would encourage you to not just WATCH movies, but ask God what He wants you to LEARN. It’s so exciting!!

Have fun!!


• Be resilient – never give up!

• Don’t let other people’s negative view of you define who you are

• Be Positive!

• Forgive easily…..life is too short to hold on to grudges

• Don’t be Prideful…….even if you are talented

• Don’t let Fear stop you from doing what you LOVE!!!! Do it anyway!

• Just start (singing) 😁 lol

• Find a way!! Even though it may seem like you have too much to handle already.

• Have a good attitude. LIVE!! BE FREE!! ENJOY LIFE!!

• Don’t ever let setbacks hinder you. It has a purpose. Push past it!

• Do not follow the crowd.

• You do not have to follow in your family’s footsteps. Make your own mark on the world. Do what YOU love!

• Give life your all (Give God your all!)

• Support others in their dream with all your heart. SERVE

• Dance from your heart. Do not think about the moves.

• Know your Purpose. Fulfill your PURPOSE.

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