The need for acceptance

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We live in a world of Social Media. Where likes and tweets and hashtags rule.

And for many of us, our posts are governed by the thought “Will anyone like this?”.

I say ‘US’ because I have most definitely caught myself rethinking posting a picture if its just not ‘perfect enough’. Or even wondering if what I am going to say on Whatsapp will get any reactions from my friends.

But why should other people’s opinion govern what I think to be pretty or cool or funny?

It is such a deep question!

And honestly I don’t like what the answer is for me –

I need their acceptance.


Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.
Philippians 2:3‭-‬4 ESV

See, I have come to realize that despite the fact that the need for acceptance reveals my insecurities and struggles with rejection, at the heart of it is


If I have to think and re-think the perfection of my pics and posts………then I am not posting it for His glory. IT’S FOR ME!! I want to be seen, recognized and complimented. I want acknowledgement (through likes and more followers and even comments) I want a REACTION!

You guys have no idea how much of an eye opener (and heart revealer) this is to me right now. And I hope it helps someone else too!



We judge our level of capability (to do just about anything), our beauty (or good looks), how funny we are, our strengths, our flaws and weaknesses – through THE REACTIONS OF OTHERS!!

***God is literally blowing my mind right now. And I am repenting while writing this!!!***

Because to give man that much power over me, means that what God says about me doesn’t get the level of acknowledgement that it should. To seek the acceptance of others means that we do not accept who we really are:


May God truly help us all to no longer live with those shackles.



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