What is Love? Part 1

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I have decided to do another series on love. There are so many facets to this gift that God has given to us. And the more that He teaches me about it, the more I feel led to write about it!

So here goes!


A word that I have been afraid of for a long time.

Reason being that I didn’t have the right understanding of it. For those who would have read my post ‘Trust His Heart‘, you would have maybe guessed that the ‘thing’ that God decided to bless me with right now is a possible Future Husband. And you would have been right!

Then in my last post, I spoke about my struggles with loving God because I viewed Him the same way I viewed my earthly father.

I thought that I had to be perfect all the time and never make mistakes. So I expected God to get really angry with me whenever I failed Him and to treat me the same way my father did. Which is why I couldn’t understand why He would bless me like this when I hadn’t actually done anything to deserve/earn it!

But now through this experience, I have learned that God is nothing like what I had thought He was.


I still don’t understand God’s ways. But………. I am learning to trust Him no matter what.


But despite the beauty and excitement of it all, this experience has stirred up old, un-dealt with fears (I will speak more about this in my next post!)

And it has me asking the question: WHAT IS LOVE??!!

Side note: I am no expert on love after talking to a guy for 1 month of course! But God is doing something really powerful in my life here. So I am sharing what I have learned in this month long new season.

  • Love is learning about someone – getting to know them.
  • Love is opening up your heart and being vulnerable.
  • Love is letting go of past hurts.
  • Love is the embracing of something new and different – something that once scared you.

  • Love is trusting God with your heart.
  • Love is trusting someone else with your heart.
  • Love is early morning hellos and late night goodnights.
  • Love is FORGIVENESS – looking past flaws and mistakes.
  • Love is patiently waiting for a response.
  • Love is finding the right words to respond with – being intentional.
  • Love is BEAUTIFUL and SCARY all at the same time – but choosing to face it.

Love is letting go of you.

And you know what is even more amazing??!! The same way that you approach a new love interest……is the same way that we should pursue GOD!!!

I feel so much more convicted now honestly.

Because now I see that the same way I desire to talk to this person all day is the same way I should desire to speak to God.

The same way that I wish I could spend time with this guy is the same way that I should desire to spend time WITH GOD.

The same way that I have now re-shuffled my priorities to make time for this guy, is the same way that I should be ensuring God is a priority and make time FOR HIM!!!


We learn about Love from GOD.

Therefore the person that we should be seeking guidance from while pursuing relationships with others……..is God!

Go ahead…….let that soak in. Because I assure you, this was not how I approached my past relationships……nor is it what society portrays the early stages of love to be!

And don’t even BEGIN to talk about how it is portrayed in Hollywood!!!!!

But let’s face the truth……..we all grew up wanting the fairytale romance. Only to realize that God’s way is not quite the same as we had imagined. His definition of romantic love is beautiful! But it is different.

Because it should draw us closer to HIM.


In closing, my encouragement is that you go back to the list that I gave on love earlier (above!). But this time, read it from the perspective of GOD being the person that you love.

It just might blow your mind! Look out for Part 2 of this series! 😉

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