When a MAN Prays…..

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One of the most powerful things that I have experienced since meeting the guy that I have been talking about………is the power of when he prays for me.

Let me tell you!

Whenever he prays for me…….I believe it! I don’t even understand why!!!

But it has been an incredible experience. Every night he prays over me on the phone and I literally go to bed believing that what he prayed for….was going to come to pass!! And since then…..it happens every single day! Peace has been manifested in my life. Joy has been manifested in my life. Sweet sleep has been manifested. Divine revelations have been manifested.

It’s profoundly mind-blowing!!!

A man that prays is a POWERFUL THING.

grayscale photo of man wearing hoodie jacket
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on Pexels.com
man tattooed praying
Photo by Ric Rodrigues on Pexels.com

And it hit me this morning that more men need to understand their role in a woman’s life.

And also that the enemy has been hindering men for way too long!!! It’s time they understood that they are…….




Women…….we need to encourage men more. Speak life over them. Build them up and don’t break them down. And let them love you.

(I’ll say it again!)


ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE LOVED. Not in the way that you want (or have thought out in your mind). Let them love you the way a man is supposed to. The way that God intended.


Let go. Trust God and trust him.

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