The Real Thing

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What a year it has been! There have been many, many tears and yet many moments of joy, healing, freedom and surrender. God broke me this year.

But He has also been molding my life into a beautiful tapestry. Everything has changed. EVERYTHING. And all of them for the better.

And through it all God has held my heart.

What do I mean?

Some months ago He led me to a beautiful song called Real Thing (link is here). And in this song God spoke to me.

That He won’t let go.


Baby steps my child,
To you it may be nothing
But you make Daddy proud.

Your weakness is only My Strength
I know you’ve got your questions
But I’m closer than you think,
I promise, I promise

Oh I won’t let go, Oh I won’t let go
I see you right where you are!
I’m holding on to your heart


I don’t know who needs this encouragement today. It is the Eve of the Christmas Season and though many celebrate and are happy, there are many others who are downcast, distraught………..and LONELY.

But TODAY God is saying that He loves You! He sees you right where you are………..and HE IS HOLDING ON TO YOUR HEART.

What is it that causes you to weep with sadness? Place it before your Heavenly Father. The one who loves you more than you can even imagine!

That day when I heard this song, I had been fighting for a long time and was just…….tired. Tired of trying. Too tired to keep going.

But God………..allowed this song to play on my YouTube playlist. I had never heard it before! And it made me cry and cry to know that He loved me sooooo much that He would orchestrate the very song that I needed, to play at that very moment.

Today God is using me in the same way He used that YouTube playlist. 😭

To give you the words of love that you so desperately need right now.

Be encouraged my dear, God will work it all out for your good. He did it for me.

I know He can do it for you too. ♥️