Goodbye 2019….

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There are times in our lives when we can pin-point a specific year that was truly memorable. Whether in a sad/terrible way or a happy/amazing way.

2019 is a year that I will NEVER forget.

Because in this ONE YEAR…….God turned my whole life around.

I lost my little sister late in 2018 and so in 2019, I was still dealing with the grief of her passing. And along with that grief came a God-ordained pruning in my life beyond anything I have ever experienced!

God revealed secrets in my family and from my past. He dealt with EVERYTHING that had left scars, wounds, open doors and spiritual hinderances in my life.

God showed me the ugly side of ME. And made me face it, deal with it and change it.

And though it hurt me deeply and I cried incessantly through it all………..I let Him do it.

I gave my ALL.

I let go. I learned to trust Him. I learned to Love. I learned how to Believe in my self again. I learned to release the old ways and mindsets and hold on to the new (based on the truth of God’s Word).

I let go of my need for Perfection (honestly, it’s a work in progress). I held on to the truth of who God is to me (My Father). I learned to trust His heart. I learned how to Forgive Others and Love Myself.

And then, at the end of September (the same month my little sister died) God began to pour out blessings on me that I had not been expecting!

I got a BOYFRIEND!!!!! (God is so very Faithful!)

I got Delivered!!!!! (God set me free!)

I got a great report at my job!!!!!! (Despite the many spiritual struggles that I went through! God is indeed merciful ❤)

Financial increase, breakthrough for my family, re-connection of friendships……..blessing after blessing after BLESSING!!!


And He keeps every promise that he makes to us.

But are we willing to learn ENDURANCE first?

Because that was definitely one of the countless lessons that I learned. How to endure.

Long-suffering is not a fruit of the spirit that I had ever paid attention to. But it’s there for a reason.

May my testimony encourage you to continue to trust God……no matter how bad it looks right now.