Overcoming Fear of Failure

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

It’s 2020!!!!!

And I have proclaimed this year to be my year of LIMITLESS.

Limitless possibilities, Limitless vision, Limitless faith…….

This year I choose to believe in the IMPOSSIBLE. I don’t want to place any limits on God or on myself anymore. I choose to walk in Limitless Obedience to Him. And whatever God wills for my life in this year, I declare ‘So shall it be’.

And with that comes the need to address my poor mindsets of the past.

This morning while praying, I said something that blew me away……….

I told God that:

I learned nothing from trying to be PERFECT. I only learned……..whenever I made a mistake!


Isn’t that truly profound?!

For years I have struggled with this ‘Perfectionist’ mindset. I hated whenever I made a mistake. I would always feel like a failure. I even believed that I should always be able to ‘Get it right the first time’. I saw making mistakes as somehow frowned upon by God. As if He expected the best from me always.

It wasn’t until the pruning that He put me through last year that I came to realize how foolish I was being!

Why do we think that God doesn’t expect us to fail sometimes?

Why do so many of us ‘over-spiritualize’ the Christian walk and believe that we will never sin??!!!

Yup……that was me. I had actually fooled myself into thinking that I was perfect and never sinned. 🤦‍♀️ I was clearly living in a bubble.

A dangerous one.

One that God vehemently busted last year!!!


(He didn’t actually say that …..lol)

But the truth is that there are others struggling the way that I struggled. They are fighting to please God or even to please others by always trying to do the right thing without making a mistake.

And it’s exhausting……..

This ‘Fear of Failure’ cripples our ability to accept God’s GRACE. And boy did I struggle!!! Because to accept His Grace………..I had to accept the fact that many times (not sometimes) I WILL FAIL.

But the beautiful thing is that in those moments……I can go to my Heavenly Father, cry out to HIM, REPENT, get up and TRY AGAIN.

That is the beauty of God’s Grace.

We don’t deserve it. But He forgives us anyway……..because He LOVES US.

And THAT TRUTH right there……….frees us to just live. Live a life that is LIMITLESS…….

Because I am no longer living based on my own strength and abilities.

I rely on HIM.

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