Overcoming Self Condemnation

God is so amazing you guys!

One morning at around 4:21 a.m. here in Trinidad and Tobago, the Holy Spirit laid a piece of healing on my spirit.

He helped me to realize that “It is not my fault”.

Now, I could go into details as to what He was referring to (and I will at the end of this post), but let’s just consider how many things in our life we have accepted blame for…..

In many cases, things that actually wasn’t our fault!

What was it for you?

An abusive relationship?

Being raped or molested?

A major car accident that you survived?

Being robbed at gunpoint?

Childhood scars?

Daddy issues?

Parents’ divorce?

Whatever the situation, many times we accept responsibility for it believing that somehow our choices led to that result.

And on the inside…….it causes a deep fear. One that gets ‘triggered‘ from time to time……. by some of the simplest of situations or conversations! Which then leaves you with an unshakeable anxiety.


Today God wants me to tell you that:

It wasn’t your fault.

None of it was!!!! You didn’t cause that person to feel that way/act that way. It was their choice.

And yes, you have probably thought of all of the different scenarios. That if only you had or had not done this/that, it never would have happened!

But you don’t actually know that for sure.

Only God knows. He alone is all knowing. And He knows your story from beginning to end. Inclusive of that ‘moment’ that you wish had never happened.

So stop beating yourself up about it.

Stop speaking words of condemnation over your life.

Stop agreeing with the thoughts of the enemy.

Stop speaking self-imposed curses over your life!!

God knew it would happen.


This morning I breathed it all out…….and I let go of the blame.

Because of a past ‘relationship’ (you know what I mean! It was but actually wasn’t an actual relationship lol) I developed a fear of causing men to lust over me.

I always figured that I had to ensure that I dressed and carried myself appropriately so as to keep men’s minds from wandering.

I put alot of pressure on myself thinking that if I acted right, they would think right and thereby…….act right too.

And if they didn’t, it was my fault.

This morning God helped me realize that it had nothing to do with me! What a person thinks or does is their decision.

It’s not my fault. 😭

Sigh………Let’s move forward into 2020 a bit lighter than when we first came in………..