Bring it forth

Ok so confession time……..

My last post was actually written over a week ago. And for some reason (exhaustion I guess), I didn’t post it.

Yet I remember having a nagging feeling all day. I felt sick on the inside honestly. As if I had missed out on an important opportunity or assignment.

And then last Friday I had another experience where I didn’t speak up at an event and say something that had been on my heart, this time because of fear. And again I felt sick in my stomach.

While driving home however, I felt as if the Holy Spirit was teaching me something: Don’t ever let Purpose die within you.

When God ‘impregnates’ us with a purpose, it is up to us to bring it forth.

WE HAVE TO PUSH!!!! Like a momma in labour. Push……..speak up, stand out, take that leap of faith.

Or else it becomes a ‘stillbirth’ within us. Un-tapped potential. Un-reached goals. Un-written books. Un-built businesses……the list goes on.

What are you keeping inside of you?

What is it that God told you to do that you didn’t do?

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In September 2018 my little sister passed away and it shook my whole world. My perspective of life changed. Life is to be lived to the fullest! And so I am sharing my life lessons and experiences as I embark on this new journey of learning what it REALLY means to LIVE.......

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