You are not Abandoned

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On Wednesday (2 days before Valentine’s Day)……..God blew my mind!!!!!!

I mean this whole week has been amazing honestly…….heck this whole month!!! 😄
God continues to show Himself as present in my life and I just cannot thank Him enough.

But yesterday…………WOW……

First of all, that day was the 2nd month anniversary for my boyfriend and I. And as you all know, it is such an amazing testimony of God’s love and faithfulness that I am in a relationship right now. 😊

So we got some food and hung out. While eating, my boyfriend suggested that we look for a Christian Short Film to watch and we managed to find one called ‘Abandoned’ on YouTube.

You guys………I wasn’t ready!

That movie was about 10 minutes long but it blew a hole into my heart and threw my heart and mind into a complete mess. Then…..all I felt was peace and a strange sense of healing. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t eat. I just wanted the truth of it all to soak in.

I got KO’d by a short film.

I was powerfully ministered to by a short film.

I understood why my walk was so difficult…..all because of a short film.

I don’t know what else to say but “GO SEE IT!!!”

And if perhaps you are in a season where you feel as of God has abandoned you (or it could be a past event as well), please know that no matter how it FEELS, God’s word is always true.

He has not abandoned you. He loves you. 🥰

He has been there…..right by your side…..the whole time……….you just couldn’t see Him!

Trust God in this test. He knows that you have what it takes to pass it! And anything else you need can be found in HIM!!!

He will not allow any harm to come to you.

No matter how bad the situation looks.