Cruise Control

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My car came with this amazing feature called Cruise Control. I hadn’t been looking for a vehicle that had this particular ability honestly. All I had really wanted was Bluetooth capabilities in it. So this extra feature was like a Bonus……a cherry on top of my proverbial cake.

What is Cruise Control?

For those who don’t know, the Cruise feature allows you to set the car to drive at a particular speed continuously. I press the ‘cruise’ button, then touch ‘Set’ and the vehicle feels as if it takes control of itself. I can literally remove my foot from the accelerator pedal and it continues to drive at the set speed!

It is truly a remarkable feature.

Tonight while driving home, I felt as if the Holy Spirit was leading me to turn it on. So I did.

It had been a long and tiring day and I honestly felt overwhelmed and frustrated while heading home. My head and my chest hurt. I didn’t know if to worship, pray or be silent!

But something happened when I switched the ‘Cruise Control’ on.

I immediately relaxed.

I didn’t have to think about driving. I didn’t have to worry as much. The car was doing all of the work!

I could worship God freely without distracting, stressful thoughts.

And then it hit me.

This is what it is like to LET GO and LET GOD DRIVE.

Even now as I write I have to let go of what I want to say and let Him be the author…….let Him guide my thoughts…….let Him write this blog……each and every one.

I don’t have to think or stress about anything. He’s got it. HE IS IN CONTROL…….NOT ME. If I just let God be the driver of my entire life, I would a much better person (not to mention alot more sound mentally!) and my life would be one of true purpose (His, not mine).

What would your life look like if you just LET GO of the steering wheel?

I know that sounds crazy but lemme tell you something…….

As if to give me confirmation of what God wanted me to write tonight, He led me to a playlist that I have never listened to before. And just as I was writing about letting go completely, a song titled ‘Let Go’ started to play!!

Do you see the awesomeness of our God and Saviour?!!!!

He is Alpha and Omega.

The Great I Am.

The Creator of the Universe

The author and finisher of our Faith

The one and ONLY, true and living God


It is time for us to let God have His way in our lives today.

When I got home, I stayed in the car a little longer because I was really enjoying the song that was playing at the time (‘You are God’ by Javen) and I felt as if the Lord dropped another nugget into my spirit.

You see, I seldom ever used the Cruise feature. I guess I always forgot that it was there so I would just drive the car without it. And God showed me tonight that this is what some of us do as Christians.

We forget that we have the Holy Spirit!

He is within us. He is with us always. But we don’t always take advantage of this ‘feature’ in our lives. He remains unused. A powerful feature, built in to help us and make our lives easier/better, but we choose to live without tapping into its full potential.

My God.

Lord please help us to tap into the full potential of the Holy Spirit within us. No more limits or boundaries or restrictive mindsets. Just a heart completely committed to you and a LIFE totally dependent on you. In Jesus’ name I pray,


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