Should I Laugh or Panic? – Covid-19 Lessons

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Wow……..what a turn 2020 has taken! It feels as if the world has completely lost control.

– People are fighting over toilet paper.

– Coworkers are scorning one another – giving side eye for the slightest cough or sneeze. (I experienced this one first hand sadly)

– Shoppers are terrified to speak to or be near to one another.

– Panic buying has become the new normal.

– Fear and anxiety are at an all-time high because many are afraid of catching the dreaded Covid-19!!

I’m confused!!!!

Like…..what happened to the human race? Have we lost our humanity?

Have we forgotten about ‘loving your neighbour as yourself?’

Everyone seems to be so scared and in a panic! It just doesn’t make sense to me. Siiigggggghhhhhhh………..

Now is NOT a time for panic and daily stressing over every news report. As children of God, our response should be one of…

Faith. (And LOVE!!! Do not forget who YOU are as a child of God!)

Most bloggers have been sharing great tips on what to do during ‘self quarantine’ to maintain your sanity. So as my contribution, I figured I would share some fun videos instead! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

Because one thing I have learned today (and really, in LIFE) is that laughter truly is the best medicine. (Pun intended….lol) 🤭

1. First off, I will share a YouTuber whose videos I love to watch whenever I am feeling low. His name is LaGuardia Cross and he shares funny videos involving his beautiful little daughters. Enjoy!
9 activities for your kids during the pandemic

2. Next is Kevon Carter, a christian comedian with a true talent for playing the keyboard.
Choir rehearsal vs the Coronavirus

3. I love to watch another very well known christian comedian – Michael Jr. He will be airing a very special viewing of his comedy special on Sunday 22nd March as his way of helping us all laugh during this season. I am soooo excited! Be sure to check it out!
Comedy Relief

4. Last of all is actually not a funny video. It is a video by a great spoken word artist by the name of Joseph Solomon. He shares on his views of the benefits of ‘house church’ during this time where church buildings are closed. It is a great listen and really makes you think about church in Bible times.
Why I am still going to church (in pandemic)

Blessings and love to you all! And I pray that everyone stays safe and honestly……..grows closer to God in this beautiful season of rest (though forced upon). 😊

Go ahead and laugh!!! And may the Joy of the Lord be your STRENGTH in this season.

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