Be the Church – Covid-19 Lessons

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What does it mean to LOVE?

I feel led to look at the cross for an explanation. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice – He gave up His LIFE – for all of mankind. Not just for those who were faithful to Him – His Disciples, His followers…….His mother. He died for US ALL – no matter your creed, race, skin colour, belief, past……none of that mattered to Him. He allowed Himself to be murdered…….because He LOVES US.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us……

Who are you struggling to love today?

Is it a family member? A friend who betrayed you? A neighbour who seems to be hell bent on making your life miserable? A boss or coworker who seems to always pick on you and rub your nerves?!! (Sorry…..that fell in my garden! Lol) A church member who thinks that their way is the best way? A stranger on the street who won’t practice proper hygiene??! 🤨

Sigh…….love is never disqualified in the event of our feelings being hurt or our corns being mashed on.

We are called to love others……at all times.

Especially NOW in this time of crisis.

This pandemic has been revealing the true hearts of man. Many have been acting out of fear and causing unnecessary issues and arguments – because that is who they are on the inside. They are lost, broken and do not have Christ as their foundation.

We (as the church) ought not to get side-tracked and distracted by these individuals (even if they are close family members or friends!). We have to LOVE THEM.

We are to pray for them, that they may find the peace that can ONLY be found in Jesus Christ.

Isn’t that amazing?!!!! This pandemic brings about so much uncertainty, that the very things that the unsaved men and women of the world once had faith and trust in……have crumbled. Which has left them with nothing to hold on to. Not science, not the doctors, not the government, not even the ‘universe’ or ‘positive vibes’.

Those things aren’t working anymore!!!! They have all failed.

But you know who is thriving in the midst of it all?

The Church.

Our God is Sovereign and He will do whatever it takes to get man to see that they NEED HIM.

Be the church in this season.

Do not be part of the problem – scampering crazily and panic buying.

Be the solution to those around you.

They need Jesus. And we need to share Him with the world.

Now is the time ❤


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