More like Jesus – COVID-19 Lessons

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Today is the 9th official day of quarantine here in Trinidad due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The sanctions have been steadily getting tighter with each new day – more businesses having to close, smaller groups, more cases….and more deaths.

But I am still optimistic. Because God is still in control.

One morning I woke up and began my Bible Study. And while reading my Bible, I was listening to a song that Natalie Grant shared on her Instagram. It is a song written by one of her twin daughters in a time where she had suffered a severe asthma attack. The song beautifully states that she will turn her Cares into Prayers and her Worries into Trusting.


So beautiful and POWERFUL!!!

While listening and reading I suddenly felt this burst of revelation – that we ought to be more like Jesus.

Think about it!

Jesus was always about His Father’s business – everywhere that He went. While on His many journeys, He encountered various people and situations, but He never responded based on His emotions. Jesus never asked God ‘WHY did this have to happen?’. Nope – He always trusted God and faced each encounter as they came (whether it was the man with the legions, the woman with the issue of blood or the Centurion with the amazing faith). 😊

Although Jesus may not have fully expected these encounters (we always assume that He knew everything that was going to happen, but what if He didn’t?), Jesus knew how to handle each scenario – He trusted in God. He never complained that He was tired or hungry and ‘not in the mood to deal with people right now’. He even took ‘surprise’ situations in stride – responding with exemplary grace and love.


I want to be more like Jesus (need to really!). I want to have such faith, trust and reliance on my Heavenly Father that nothing shakes my walk and purpose in Him – not surprisingly disappointing circumstances, not people’s expectations and opinions, not the threat of war, famine or pandemic (looking at you Rona!), not thoughts of fear, worry or anxiety.


May this be the prayer of every human being in the world.

Be safe guys ❤


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