When God Speaks – Covid-19 Lessons

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God is doing something right now and it is blowing my mind! One morning, when I woke up, I began to pray and read from Matthew chapter 26 (I had felt led to read from that chapter because of a scripture verse that I had seen on a video that I was listening to). And in reading it, I came to the account of the woman (Mary) who poured expensive oil from her alabaster flask onto Jesus. The disciples scolded her for the ‘waste’ but Jesus stopped them saying that she had done a ‘beautiful thing’ to Him.

Then verse 13 brought me to tears. It says “Truly, I say to you, wherever this gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her.” I was moved to tears because I immediately remember the song Alabster Box by CeCe Winans. That song has ministered to and impacted many lives with its beautiful lyrics. And it hit me that this song was like a fulfilment of Jesus’ prophecy. All around the world people know the story of Mary pouring ‘the oil from her alabaster box’. Isn’t that BEAUTIFUL????!!!

Sigh……… I so love the Word of God. There are so many beautiful lessons to be learned from it. And beautiful stories to read and learn more about Jesus from. I am still on my Journey towards being MORE LIKE JESUS (see my last post), and so I have to read stories that teach me more about Him!

One lesson that I guess can be learned here is that when Jesus speaks something, you better believe that it will come to pass! That song was written and sung thousands of years after He spoke it……..but the most important thing is that it came to pass!!!

What is it that God spoke to you that you have not seen come to pass yet?

Personally, that ‘thing’ would be MARRIAGE. I always knew that I would get married someday, I just never knew when! I received a prophecy about my husband when I was about 22 years old. And you guys, I am currently 35 years old! Talk about A LESSON IN WAITING!!! I can’t even remember what the prophecy was (honestly I only just remembered that I even got that prophecy lol). But the point is this – when God speaks, it will come to pass.

I shared part of my testimony on ‘Waiting for Mr Right‘ previously and today I am proud to announce that we are getting MARRIED!!!!!!

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Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Despite the turmoil affecting the world right now, we have decided to stand in faith with God and move forward with His plan for our lives. And He has been surpassing our very expectations! God is a FAITHFUL GOD – no matter the situation. I can testify to that!

I would rather not share the date of the wedding just yet. But I will be sure to share pictures in a future post! And to any singles out there, my encouragement to you is to be OBEDIENT to God. Trust Him and don’t you dare try to take matters into your own hands. As my leader says “You will end up with an Ishmael” (from the story of Abraham and Sara receiving word from God about having a son).

Do not take your ‘love life’ into your own hands – surrender it to God. He writes the best love stories! I can testify!

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