Faithfulness to God – Covid-19 Lessons

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Last month I was helping a fellow student with an assignment that she needed to get typed up. And while typing it, I felt as if I was learning! Kathleen (the student) has an amazing perspective that is so very different to my own. She sees things differently. So it really blessed me to type out this Jewish Culture assignment for her.

While typing out the section on Travel, she pointed out a portion of scripture about the many perils that Paul had faced in his life. But she had not put the right chapter so I had to search for the correct one for her. In doing so, I read the portion of scripture (perhaps God had wanted me to read it!) and it really convicted me.

The Apostle Paul faced countless experiences that brought him close to death – being whipped, hit with a rod several times, stoned, shipwrecked, attacked by robbers, running for his life from his own people and from Gentiles.

But my question to God was this – “How did Paul remain faithful to God?”

I kept trying to imagine myself in those same situations – adrift at sea for a night and a day, being shipwrecked multiple times, being given 39 lashes on 5 occasions!!! And in my spirit I knew that I would have gotten mad at God. I may not have given up Christianity altogether, but I would have been upset with God for allowing me to go through these situations. What happened to the covering that is supposed to be over me? I am supposed to be protected. I am supposed to be blessed and have favour with man!!! How do I REMAIN FAITHFUL TO GOD in these kinds of situations??!! I just couldn’t grasp how or if I ever could be like Paul.

And while asking God the question again and again – my eyes fell on to my laptop screen. I had been playing some piano worship music and this particular Youtuber usually includes scripture verses in their videos. The scripture that was on the screen was: Isaiah 26:3 ‘You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you’.

And that is when it hit me.

The answer to my question was – THE WORD OF GOD. In times of peril and unexplainable circumstances, we are to stand on the Word of God. THAT is how Paul was able to continue to remain faithful to God – He put His trust in God. Like the verse said – God will keep us in perfect peace IF we keep our mind/heart/eyes on HIM. We have to trust Him.

This is how we remain steadfast in the midst of trials, tests and uncertainty!!! We get into, study, and meditate on THE WORD OF GOD. When the Word comes alive in you – nothing can stop you! You gain understanding of how to endure, how to press forward and you gain a peace that truly surpasses all understanding – a KNOWING that God is going to work it out for your good.

Just keep on holding on. Keep on enduring.

Change your perspective and Trust God. You will understand that He knows best and He knows what He is doing. And you will understand that the test is working something powerful IN YOU!! You are growing into something beautiful and different and NEW.

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