Troubles won’t last

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I think the greatest lesson that I have learned for 2020 is:

The power of REJOICING even when I don’t see anything to rejoice about.

I have been reading a book given to me by one of my leaders and lately it has been teaching me that ‘The joy of the Lord is my strength’. The author has been explaining that Apostle Paul in the Book of Phillipians (chapter 4) was trying to explain to the church at Phillipi the importance of their mind and what they focus on. He shared that Paul reminded them and then reiterated his statement about the attitude they ought to have:

Rejoice!!!! And again I say rejoice!

So I have been trying to do exactly that – rejoice in-spite of my circumstances or feelings. Worship God instead of allowing anxiety and fear to grip me.

God cannot operate from a place of fear or anxiety. You must have FAITH!

Right now I am sitting on my sofa and looking at a shoe box on the floor.

That shoe box represents a powerful blessing from God to me: It is my wedding shoe!! But that is not the actual blessing. The amazing God that I serve has provided EVERYTHING that I need for my wedding.


He provided it all and I barely had to spend a cent! Let me properly put that into perspective for you: the only thing that I paid for personally, were our engraved wine glasses. God provided everything else for both my fiancè and myself!!!! But you see…….about 3 months ago…..we were in the depths of despair. We were not sure how we were going to afford a wedding. We had NOTHING – not even our rings. It all seemed so hard and impossible. And yet we felt so strongly that this wedding was supposed to happen this year. So we prayed and cried out to God to help us and to guide us. We fasted, we continued to record videos for the Youtube channel, we worshipped God and spent time in His word. We fought to push back the thoughts of doubt and fear and despair and anxiety!!

And God has opened doors for us in ways that has truly blown our minds!!!

This has been such an incredible walk with God and an amazingly powerful lesson. So my prayer for you is that God will help you through your Valley experiences as you pray and place them into His hands. Learn the lessons that He is teaching!

For troubles won’t last always…….

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