Start each day with a grateful heart

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Sometime last year I bought a planner/diary as a gift for someone and ended up keeping it for myself. Have you ever done that before?! (Yes I got something else for them btw!).

But the amazing thing about this gift is that it has been such a source of great blessing to me this year. It is as if I was supposed to keep it!

No one in this world had any inkling of how 2020 was going to be. I know I definitely didn’t!! But in January, at the front of the book I wrote down that this year of 2020 was going to be my year of LIMITLESS.

Limitless possibilities

Limitless faith in God

Limitless encounters with God

Limitless provision!

I felt it deep in my spirit that this year, I would be blessed.

And would you believe that 2020 has literally been EXACTLY THAT?! 😲

The beautiful thing about this planner is that the cover has this beautiful quote:

What a powerful reminder for us all in what has been undeniably the most challenging year any of us have ever faced. That inspite of it all: Be Grateful.

But the beauty of this planner/gift from God doesn’t stop there. Before each month, there is an inspiring quote that speaks to my personal situation every single time:

This is for January. But check out the quote for August:

And boy did I need this reminder!

I guess I had hoped that things would get easier once I believed in God’s ability to fix everything. But you know what?

The storm doesn’t always end just because you have Faith

Truth is that sometimes God will simply give you the grace and endurance to weather that very storm. So that you can grow.

Arrrggghhhh!!! If only there was a better way to learn Perseverance! 😭

But what better way to gain it than to be thrown into a situation that requires it?

I know that it is hard right now. But what we need is Perseverance. We need the ability to stand with God, no matter the circumstance! And to develop that within us, He will place us in difficult trials.

What we need to do is:

Change our Perspective

And trust that God is indeed in control and that He knows what is best for us.

Kinda like Him causing me to keep this ‘gift’ that ended up being a great gift to me in this season! 🤭

Have a blessed one everyone! ❤

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