God is your Healer

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About 2 weeks ago, I was sweeping the kitchen and my husband excitedly came out of his office to ask me a question. No sooner had the question left his lips, when the plastic cover at the top of the broom suddenly fell off, exposing the metal rod of the broom. And just like in a movie, as if in slow motion, my pinkie slipped and got sliced by the top of the metal broom handle.

Just like that. It was as if time slowed down at that moment.

Blood was gushing out of it. I held my finger, ran to the bathroom for the salve and my husband ran to the bedroom for a plaster.


Within the past 2 weeks, I have learned the value of the pinkie finger. It was not sliced off thankfully. But the gash was pretty deep and at such a weird angle. Daily I put salve on it and changed the plaster (sometimes twice or 3 times for the day!). And strangely, I felt as if God was trying to teach me something. Here is what really stood out to me:

  1. Slow Down

Have you ever been so taken up with everything that needs to get done? I have come to realize that I had formed a mindset about marriage. And that was that the wife was responsible for taking care of her husband and the home. So I would hustle around cooking and cleaning and washing. But God had to stop me. I needed to slow down or else I would burnout!

And worst of all, I would not enjoy this new amazing life with my amazing husband.

2. God is a Healer

My finger’s healing process really has me marvelled at the awesome power of God. He created our bodies with the ability to heal, reconnect tissue and regrow skin!!

But I have come to see that my finger getting cut actually had nothing to do with my finger. God wanted to show me His power to heal just about ANYTHING. Physical and Spiritual.

My husband and I recently had a scare, where we came in contact with a family member of my husband whose mom eventually was tested positive for Covid-19. My husband and I made the decision to quarantine after we found out about a week later.

So we quarantined for the remaining 7 days but it was the scariest time of our lives! In that season, we drew so much closer to God. And He made us a promise that we tried our very best to hold on to with all our hearts – “The virus will not enter your home”.

We also prayed for his family member that she would be ok and would get a negative result in her test.

And you guys…..

About 2 days ago we got a message from her that:

Her result came back NEGATIVE!!!

Now……..What we need to understand here to really get a full grasp of this situation, is that she is her mom’s main caretaker. So how in the world did she test negative??!!


God stepped in and He gets all of the glory.

What is it that you are worried about right now? What is it that you are praying about and yet still allowing to give you anxiety? What thoughts seem to have settled on your mind and won’t go away?

I am here to remind you today that GOD IS ABLE.

And He is a healer. He can heal your heart, your troubled mind and take away your anxieties. Please trust Him.

I love you all. Have a blessed weekend. ❤

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