The Power of Touch

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Having a husband during this season is teaching me alot about the importance of human interaction. 

When we were still single (before we even knew each other) we both believed that we ‘preferred to be alone’ instead of in a crowd of people. Covid-19 has proven to me that we were both wrong.

What a lie from the pit! I know now that what I was missing was true companionship. I had friends and I had my family but I didn’t truly let anyone in. And I hated hugs!

So you know what God did?

He gave me a husband who loves hugs, holding hands, rubbing noses and physical touching of every kind!!!

Now we are that mushy couple that everyone hates being around…lol. They always roll their eyes at us or tells him to let go of my hand 🤣.

But many of them don’t know just how difficult it was for us to even get to this point. God had to really work on me to allow Sheldon into my personal space while we were dating. I had this terrible fear of men, so I really struggled to trust that he wasn’t going to try to hurt me or force me into anything.

I really believe that God gave Sheldon the grace and patience to deal with me lovingly and show me that I could trust him. It literally broke down the walls that I had put up since childhood! Suddenly I realized that I was starved for love. Starved for physical touch. Starved for someone to hold me when I’m sad/angry/frustrated.

Now honestly, I have lots of friends and my family are amazing, but my struggle wasn’t with loving those types of persons. I struggled with trusting and loving MEN in a romantic way.

Yet for others, the struggle may be with telling a family member that you love them, or giving a comforting shoulder pat or giving someone a hug.

Maybe you believe that you are an introvert, like I did. So you probably think that the physical restrictions brought on by Covid-19 are a ‘blessing from God’.

But are they?! 🤔

Truth is that we were created for human interaction. In the Garden of Eden, God decided to create Eve because he saw that Adam was alone.

This goes beyond a romantic relationship as well! We all need true companionship in our lives.  Whether it’s a sibling or bestfriend or church mate 😁. We all need hugs sometimes. We all need to know that someone cares.

In whatever way that you can, please reach out. Let someone into your space! Challenge yourself to share the deep things, the things that hurt, the things that offend you, the secrets and even your fears.
I know that right now, staying in contact with others is much more difficult, but I encourage you to try. Join an online Bible Study, connect with your church members, visit your family (if you can), get a mentor!

Reach out to someone. ❤

Sending virtual hugs to all of you lovely people!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗


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