You keep on coming through

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There is a song with the same above title that I have fallen in love with. Why? Because God keeps on doing exactly what the song says. Every time I feel as if God has done enough, He blows my mind again and again! I feel as if this entire year of 2020 has been like that for me.

Some days ago I prayed a specific prayer to God “Lord I would like to do something nice for my husband’s birthday. Please help us to have food to prepare so that we can invite his parents over”.

Lemme just say right now that I just don’t understand God. Why does He love us so much?! Why does He keep on answering our prayers?! Why does He care soooo much about me and about my life?! I feel as if I don’t do enough for Him. I don’t do enough Daddy!!! Why do you LOVE ME SO??

SIGHHHHH …..real tears…..😭

But to continue with this story:

When this week began, my husband and I were pretty low on food. I am not gonna lie to you. The worry began to try to set in…..but instead I said ‘Yuh know what? I am gonna trust God on this one! He has never let us down….not once’. So we stepped into this week unsure of what we were going to eat for the week or how we would get through the next two weeks till payday.

And do you know what God did?

Exactly what He has been doing for us time and time again……He came through.

Yesterday my husband’s mom called him and said that she baked bread and she wanted him to come collect one. Wow……thank you so much Lord! Mannnnn…..I ate bread and tuna for lunch today with a grateful heart. Not a thought did I give toward needing anything else.

But God wasn’t done.

Just like that my husband messaged me this morning that someone called him to do a photoshoot on Thursday – THE SAME DAY AS HIS BIRTHDAY!!! Jesus Christ is Lord people! He is such an awesome, amazing, powerful, holy, righteous and loving God. He loves us I tell you!!

Why do we struggle to trust Him?

Because we can’t see what He is going to do next. And it drives us crazy. But trust me when I say that, if you would just let go of the reigns and celebrate when things run out and you don’t have a ‘Plan B’ left………you will see God come through for you in the most impossible ways!!!

It is not an easy life to live. A life of complete dependence on God to be your Jehovah Jireh. A life of waiting on your Daily Bread.

It’s not an easy life……it’s the BEST LIFE.

You will never truly understand that statement till you have lived it. I truly hope that you will make the decision to live this life that Paul, David, Peter, Elijah, Moses, Abraham and so many others have lived before us.
Let us be a people that have that kind of faith in God.

Love and blessings to you all.

Link to song: You keep on coming through

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