The sin of Partiality – Bible Study on James

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One morning I woke up really early because of a bad dream I had. It disturbed me to the point that I felt as if I needed to spend some time in prayer to settle my mind and properly deal with any fears that might want to arise.

So I got up and went to the prayer room, sat down on the floor (I have a soft fleece blanket on the floor where I love to sit and spend time with God) and I prayed for a bit.

I then picked up my Bible and turned to James chapter 2 to continue my bible study. I have been studying this book for weeks now, taking my time and allowing the lessons to soak in and hit me deep. And boy God hit me with some revelations about myself that morning!!

In this portion of scripture, James was admonishing the Jews for being partial to richer members while ignoring the poorer members. They treated each group differently. And according to James this was a SIN.

When I started reading what James was saying about being partial to certain types of people, my mind immediately began thinking about my church. There had been a group of new converts that had started coming to my church (this was months ago when churches were open) and I honestly had been judging them because of their clothes and tattoos on their bodies. *shame*

Worse yet, when I remembered this scenario my first thought was that by now they probably had gone back to their old lives (I guess because churches were closed) *double shame!*

In my mind there was no way they could have maintained their salvation in these trying times……sigh. It’s amazing the way that we Christian’s sometimes think about people! We are so judgmental!!

Just like the Jews in the Bible.


Well God highlighted this to me, (the Word I tell you!! The Word of God is a discerner of hearts!) and it convicted me to the point of tears! How could I have been so very judgmental?

I prayed and asked God to forgive me, and this time, I accepted His forgiveness (Many times I have struggled with this, but I am getting better 🙂). Then I also prayed for the persons that I had judged, that God would keep them in the salvation He had given to them.

You see, THAT was the lesson that God was trying to teach me! Instead of judging and condemning others, I should instead PRAY for them! (Btw……..Please do not judge me and my wicked heart 🤦‍♀️ we all sin at times. Keep me in prayer 😊)

So, since this was Bible Study, I have a Word document on which I have been taking note of the various lessons I have been learning, and I made sure to take note of the above lesson!

Notes thus far:

The sin of Partiality can be applied to many other situations aside from the one explained in Chapter 2.I cannot think that I am better than other people just because I am a Christian or have better clothes (‘Better’ being subjective of course. What is better?!) I should not judge others and expect them to sin. Pray for them!!
The Book of James is full of beautiful correction and conviction for us all as Christians. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Study where I share on the other lessons that I learned from Chapter 2!

And feel free to share what Book or portion of scripture you are currently studying! What have you learned thus far?

Have a blessed weekend guys! ❤


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