Walking in the Father’s Intention

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I’ve been helping teach the Children’s Ministry at my church for the past 2 weeks. We do the classes via Zoom and despite the separation, these kids have been enthusiastically enjoying each lesson 😊😁.

Personally, before each lesson I make sure to check my heart and lay it before God. I don’t want to teach these kids about something that I have not been doing in my personal life! Therefore, based on whatever the lesson is, (for example ‘Forgiveness’) I ask myself “Do I do this in my personal life? Is there anyone that I need to forgive?”.

I do this because I have learned the value of a Teacher in the eyes of God. Teachers are important!

But also, Teachers have to practice what they preach.

This morning something else hit me pretty deep in my spirit. It was the theme of the Children’s Ministry. For about 6 weeks we will be focusing on sharing the importance of staying connected to WiFi.

We all love WiFi don’t we?!!

I mean how could we possibly live without it?! (I say that both literally and sarcastically lol). I am realizing just how much the world needs connectivity in this time. Without it we cannot function!

Everything that we do for work or school or even our social life in some cases requires connection to the internet.

And so, we have been using this as an analogy for the kids: that the same way we all love being connected to the WiFi is the same way that we need to remain connected to Jesus.

WiFi therefore stands for:

Walking in the Father’s Intention

Trust me, my mind is blown too (I am not the genius behind the theme btw lol, but I love it!) We have been planning this thing for weeks and yet only this morning did the full gravity of this theme hit me.

Look at this:

Children are now going to school at home. They no longer have the negative voices of ‘friends’ (read: bullies) or even teachers (those who love to berate kids) in the way that it was before. Even older students no longer have the fulness of peer pressure on them as it used to be. Teachers have to focus on teaching and not trying to influence the minds of our children with their worldly/evil doctrines (like evolution and the Big Bang)!!!


To change the world.

We have an opportunity to properly change the minds of the next generation(s) by teaching them to not listen to the lies of the enemy.

Instead – walk in God’s plan for your life. Get connected to HIM and stay connected.

The same way that you don’t want to lose connection to the WiFi, is the same fervour that they should seek a relationship or ‘connectivity’ with GOD.

Can you imagine the impact we can have on these children?????!!!!!

Another thing that God has shown me though is that we as teachers (parents, guardians, grandparents etc.) have to ensure that WE are connected first!

And we have to let God heal the areas of our lives that are broken. We have to heal from the wounds, the scars, the lies we believed, the hurt from our past……everything. So that God can use us to teach these kids the TRUTH about His Word.

The truth about the Power of God

I pray that God will impact all of our lives and convict our hearts whenever we begin to stray away from being connected to Him.

I want to stay connected!! And I want to walk in His intention for me.

Every intention.

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