Letter to the Single Girl

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Dear Single,

Whether you are ‘hopelessly’ or happily single right now, I am writing this letter of encouragement to you.

Keep on pressing.

I know it is not easy. I know that it is not the popular thing to do in this world today. Heck the world seems to hate the very idea of ‘abstinence’ and ‘waiting on the one God has for you’. They believe that it is foolish and a sign of christian brainwashing.

But let me tell you this:

You don’t live according to the beliefs and views of this world. You are called to be set apart. You are different! Unique! And quite frankly, their opinions though seemingly logical, will only bring you temporary pleasure. I assure you, it will lead you to destruction! It is ungodly council and we are called to separate ourselves from it.

But I mean, who am I to let you know to keep on trusting God for a mate?

Well………..I got married at the age of 35. So I know a thing or two about waiting for a really long time. Within that time I felt the pressure of my peers opinions, I made choices in guys that makes me thank God for Jesus right now (lol) and eventually came to a place of contentment while being single.

It was not easy.

And really, nothing truly worth having ever is. So I am here to encourage you in your walk:

  • Yes God is still in the business of providing husbands.
  • Yes you will know.
  • Yes that person will be better than you could have imagined or even chosen for yourself.
  • Yes God will provide the means for your wedding and life afterward.
  • Yes God will use situations to teach you and prepare you to be a good wife.

But also:

  • I cannot guarantee that he will already have a house and car.
  • No he will not be perfect.
  • No your life will not be without tests and trials.
  • I cannot guarantee that there will always be enough food or enough finances (but if you trust God He WILL take care of it 😉).

Let go of those princess fantasies. Leave those for Disney. This is real life. Falling in love is amazing and beautiful but if you go into it with unrealistic (read silly lol) expectations, you will always be disappointed.

Let God write your love story. He is sooooooo much better than what they put in those movies at Hollywood. And it will last longer too.

Let God work on your heart in this season. There are things from your past that God needs to heal. There are wrong mindsets about love and marriage that God needs to fix. There are things that you need to learn in preparation for the future.

And lastly, let God love you. Do not think that He is punishing you because ‘everyone else is getting married’ and you’re not. This is not a punishment nor is it a life sentence. It is a season, and seasons change. Do not live your life being mad at God for ‘leaving you by yourself’. He loves you!!

And what good Father will let their child go into something unprepared? Why would He give you something that you are not ready for?

Let God love you in this season. And grow in your love for Him.


Signed your friend,


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