New Year, New Me

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Can you even believe that it is already the last week of January? Where has the month gone?!!

Strangely enough, this has been the best and yet hardest month of January I have ever experienced lol. I feel so much more laid back……and sleep deprived.

For some reason my husband and I have been struggling to sleep for the past 2 weeks. Some nights he gets no sleep at all while I ‘sleep’ but wake up feeling as if I did not rest. It has not been easy!

Right now at 4:16 a.m. I am writing because I need something that will relax my mind enough so that I can sleep. Has that ever happened to you? My mind seems to be preoccupied with so many thoughts and unable to navigate out of them.

Yet in this season I am learning something:

I am learning to rest in the word of God and on His promises for us.

The word of God has been doing something to me these past few days. I am brought to tears often while reading. It is renewing my mind and shaping my character from the inside out. It feels like a cleansing….

Struggles that I have had for years have been broken in this one month!

Perfection could never earn it. You give what we don’t deserve and….let all the striving cease. This is my victory!

You are my Champion. Giants fall when you stand….Undefeated. Every battle you’ve won.

(Excerpt from the song ‘Champion’)

God has given me the victory over giants that once caused me so much pain and trauma. Now they are defeated through His divine power. 🔥

So despite the fact that I am struggling to sleep right now, I rejoice! Because I am not where I was. I am stronger.

Perhaps this is just another trial that I have to endure and face boldly knowing that God will bring me through it.

Too many times we rush to complain about inconveniences instead of trusting that God is indeed in control. It’s time for a perspective change…


Have a blessed week everyone! ❤

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