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So there’s this game that I love to play on my phone. It’s a cooking game and it’s so fun! I’ve been playing it for months now and have been steadily beating the many levels.

Till a few weeks ago. Suddenly I came upon a level that just seemed impossible to beat! I played it almost everyday trying to beat that one game you guys.

The good thing is that each day you only get 5 ‘lives’ or retries. Once that is finished you can’t play again until a certain amount of time has passed. I say this is a ‘good thing’ because if it weren’t for this limitation I would probably spend hours trying to beat it!


But I began to realize something really interesting. Each time I played the game, the easier I was able to remember some of the food orders that would come in. I had done the same thing over and over to the point that it somehow got stuck in my mind.

Then I had this thought:

What if this is what happens when we ‘meditate on the Word of God’?

I mean, think about it! To meditate on the Word means to consistently have the scripture running through your mind, pondering on it, pulling out its applications to your life and then actually applying them.

We think about the scripture so much that we soon begin to live it!

But it takes time.

And commitment.

And perseverance.

Just like what happened to me while playing the game. Yesterday I beat it!

But I had to keep trying and learning and applying what I had learned. Isn’t that a remarkable analogy?!

It is so amazing the things that God uses to teach us life lessons. I am always being blown away by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.


Well…………… I am off to go beat the other levels ๐Ÿ˜„. But I will also be mindful to spend time in God’s word today as well.

Have a blessed remainder of the week! โค And remember to be patient with yourself.

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