The Armor of God

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I don’t usually do new posts this close together, but today I was reading through my journal and came across notes that I had made from a sermon preached at my church some months ago. The sermon had a powerful impact on me the first time I heard it and so I made sure to write down the points because I didn’t want to forget them.

And reading them again today has been lighting such a fire in my soul!

I feel as if it would be evil of me to keep this beautiful and powerful teaching to myself and so today I am sharing it. Take notes if you have to because this is a topic that not many churches teach or expound on properly. The armor of God is such a very necessary tool for every Christian and honestly in the midst of what the world is facing today, we need to be properly equipped and ready to face every battle that the enemy tries to throw at us (mind you, I am not talking about the pandemic). Many of us Christians are facing difficult tests and trials in this season (financial struggles, emotional fatigue, spiritual battles, physical health issues etc.) and God is the only one able to bring us through.

I pray that this blesses you as much as it has blessed me.

Excerpt from Journal dated 30/8/2020

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