Holding on to Hope

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Lately I have felt as if God is trying to teach me something. And that ‘something’ is the power of hope.

Hope, I have realized however, is not something that a logical mind can grasp easily. Hope, to some, can be termed as ‘wishful thinking’. It is not something built on actual facts or hard evidence.

Growing up, I prided myself in academics. I did well at school because I had an analytical mind and could grasp new things quickly. My favorite subject was of course Mathematics! I guess this was because it made sense (to me anyway lol). I know some people may not agree with me!

But that background left me with a logical mindset which, when applied to true Christianity, is not a good mix. Christianity requires faith and trusting in God and the Holy Spirit. You also will have several encounters with God that are inexplicable and seemingly illogical or impossible but they are very real.

I therefore came to the realization that in order to walk the Christian walk that God required, there were mindsets that I needed to let go of. Man made ideologies that needed to be released in order to fully grasp the truth of His word and the lessons within it.

I have been steadily growing in this area but now I think that God is drawing me deeper and wants me to learn the value of holding on to hope in alot more ways.

Hope of things getting better.

Hope that I will make it to Heaven. Hope that I will be who He called me to be. Hope that there are more great things ahead than what I can see with my eyes right now. Hope of a changed future despite my past. Hope of a little family of my own one day 😊.

Hope that God can and will help me make it through to the end.

Without hope what kind of life are we living really?! (I know the answer to this question because honestly, I have been living it.) It is a life of constant worry and attempting to make things go the way that you want it to go.

But this is not the way to live. God doesn’t want us to ‘hustle hard’ to make our dreams come true. He wants us to hold on to the hope of having that thing that we are dreaming of, and trusting HIM to either provide it or make a way for it to come to pass.

Trust God’s timing.

And hold on to the hope found only in Him.

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