True Forgiveness

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Today while scrolling through Instagram I came across a post by a popular Christian youth pastor. He was sharing in depth personal stories about the fact that he has made many mistakes on his Christian walk and how grateful that he was for God’s grace and mercy.

And do you know what my reaction to that post was? Scathing thoughts of condemnation. I looked at the post briefly and wrote him off because of a mistake he had admitted to in a previous post! I scrolled past and immediately felt the Holy Spirit convict me to go back.

So I did and I read through his entire post, but this time I felt as if the Holy Spirit began to show me my heart. He showed me that the reason why I couldn’t forgive this man for his past sins was because I had this incorrect opinion about how Christians should portray themselves on social media.

The thing is that I KNOW that judging others for past mistakes was wrong. So why did I still judge this man?

Old Mindsets

There are mindsets, habits, ideologies and perspectives that we were taught while we were younger and if they remain un-dealt with, they will pop up at some point or another.

One example I can give is this:

I grew up as the oldest sibling and so I was taught to always look out for my little sisters. I saw myself as their protector. I prayed for them, I always looked out for them and I always tried to guide them down the right path. This mindset however has stayed with me even now that I am in my thirties!!

When my little sister passed away, I blamed myself for it because I was supposed to be looking out for her. How could I let this happen to her?!!

It took alot of consoling from God to heal from that one. And now He is showing me another mindset that I need to let go of. Christians are not perfect. They are flawed and that is ok.

While I read through the pastor’s post I felt as if God was showing me:

“This Abeo is true Christianity. Being able to admit when you are wrong and repenting for it, but also not caring what other people will think about you when you openly admit your flaws.”


Also He showed me that TRUE FORGIVENESS is being able to forgive someone the way that God forgives.

Throwing their sins into the Sea of Forgetfulness

Forgive them and forget about what they did! Love them inspite of their flaws because you too have flaws. Forgive them wholeheartedly because you too were forgiven by God for so much worse.

What a powerful lesson! I felt the chains break from my mind today as I let go of that truly poor understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

And now I know what it really means to forgive ❤

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