Humility in the workplace

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Boy do I have a story for you guys today! This one really blew my mind.

Recently there has been a large spike in Covid-19 cases in my country and so some stricter measures and restrictions were put in place by the government. Only ‘essential’ services were allowed to open and operate (with a small complement of course). Thing is, that we have not previously been having many deaths happening due to the virus and so I guess people started to get complacent about following the rules. This of course resulted in hundreds of people getting infected and an unusual spike in deaths!

Needless to say the whole situation has many of us nervous, cautious and unwilling to go outside unnecessarily. But do you know who had to go to the office last week? Me. Turns out our job is essential. Sigh……that title was honestly so fun last year, but now? Uhhhh no thank you….

Despite my hesitance however, I felt as if God wanted me to go. So I did. And by His grace, I made it through the week! But on Friday He taught me a valuable lesson in humility.

This was because during the week I had been having an internal battle with one of my coworkers. She seemed to be very driven to get a project started that we were both working on, while I……. just wanted to get through the week alive. Our priorities were clearly different! I couldn’t understand her willingness to put herself at risk for her job (mind you we do not work in a hospital or in the health sector so we are not putting ourselves at risk to save lives). It just seemed unnecessary to me. I didn’t need man’s praise for going ‘above and beyond’. The project would get done when God allowed it to. Yet she fought on ahead trying to make things work.

On Friday morning, while getting ready, I began thinking over a scene in the movie ‘God’s not dead’ where the pastor had very small faith and his missionary friend from Africa was trying to show Him that God could do anything. The pastor’s car would not start and even when he called for a rental car, that wouldn’t start either! It was really frustrating him but what he couldn’t see was that God wanted him to stay where He was for a purpose! And so God wasn’t letting the cars start.

While thinking about that I began to pray and felt as if God was convicting me of my heart toward my coworker. So I prayed for her and said “Lord please humble her” and after a second, I said “And please humble me too”.

I was now fully dressed and walking toward the car to drive off to work when my phone rang. It was my coworker. Her car wouldn’t start and she wanted to know if I could pick her up at home and carry her to work.

Talk about a mic drop from GOD!!!!!! 😳

I was in shock. HER CAR WOULDN’T START?????!!!!!!

I sat in my car….humbled. God can do anything guys…anything. “Ok God, have Your way”. I drove to her house in awe of the Master. ‘Her car wouldn’t start’. Wow. I couldn’t get over it!

She and I had a lively talk on the way to work and it didn’t feel as if there was any tension between us. I guess my having to come for her, humbled her heart too.


Everything we do in our lives is for God – even our jobs. It is not for money or fame or accolades. It is for God. He knows our going out and our coming in. He knows our beginning and our end. He is All Powerful! And I felt such a humility to this truth that day. I feel it even now while writing this.

Do I know the full impact of what God did on Friday? Nope. He alone knows what my coworker learned that day. But I do know this:

Be humble and let God have HIS way. Listen to the Holy Spirit, wait for His leadings, surrender to His will for your life through your job, shine your light for Jesus and speak the truth. That is all I can do and will allow myself to do from now on.

Keep safe everyone and no matter your job position, let God use you in it! Peace and blessings ❤

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