Humility in my marriage

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God continues to do it to me guys! He is humbling me in the most extraordinary of ways. Sit back and enjoy yet another mindblowing story of God’s power.

About 2 months ago my husband and I were having a conversation about his cellphone. It is an old S7 that he has had for around 4 years and let’s just say it’s been through life (to say the least!). It has cracks all over the screen, moves really slowly and has so little memory left in it that any additional apps beside the ones that came with the phone had to be deleted. So we were looking into buying a new phone for him.

The struggle however is that we are newlyweds so our current budget does not exactly have room for purchases outside of food and bills. Yet in spite of this my husband had hopes of purchasing a phone with at least 128GB of memory!

Phones with the specs that he wanted do not come cheap! I couldn’t understand the need for such an expense when we could just get a regular working phone at a cheaper price. His justification was that he needed a really good phone especially for the work that he does (which is true) and so he settled on a Samsung S9 or S9+. I am pretty sure that I may have rolled my eyes at this lofty aim, but we eventually left the subject alone because we really didn’t have the money yet anyway.

Now, as a new wife, there are many things that I am learning about myself and about God’s expectation of me. One of the things that I am learning about myself is that I am really bossy! Don’t tell my husband I said that 😄. Sigh…..I really am though and I impose this on my husband ….alot 🙈. I mean, why can’t he choose what phone he wants to buy?! He has a choice!!!

Plus, how am I honoring God or him by rolling my eyes and pulling down his dreams? Submission, Abeo…..submission. Ouch.

Well, if you have read my last 2 posts, you know that God has been working on my heart in the area of humility. See here and here. After experiencing those supernatural encounters, I was on a ‘faith high’ if you will and so about 2 days ago I woke up and checked my emails and came across an email from Samsung. In it, they were promoting their newest S21 models and just like that I felt inspired. I felt a peace in my spirit and prayed “Lord this is the phone that Sheldon needs. Please help us to get it.” Just like that.

I paid no further heed to this prayer and went along with my day, until later that evening I happened to pick up my phone and noticed that one of my relatives had posted a WhatsApp status. He was selling a Samsung S20 and wanted to know who was interested.

God did it AGAIN. 🔥

I quickly scampered to message my relative and suddenly got a thought. ‘Why don’t you ask him if he is ok with a payment plan?’. Hmmmmm ok! So I messaged him.

You guys, my relative agreed to a payment plan and willingly gave us the phone without requesting any immediate payment! Who does that???! Especially in these Covid times? God had answered my prayer.

But better yet, He answered and exceeded my husband’s desire! The same desire that I had been fussing with him about and suggesting that he aim lower. Talk about humbling. He used this experience to humble me and to increase the faith of my husband. Right now he really needed that encouragement that God was on his side and was working everything out inspite of how difficult things seem because of the current lockdown.

If these posts have not shown you that God can do ANYTHING, I don’t know what will! But either way I pray that they encourage your faith, just as it has done for my husband and I. God loves us and He is more that able to do what needs to be done.

Just have faith!

And be humble. 😊

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