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As a Christian, do you truly believe in the transformative power of God?

Recently while praying I felt as if God showed me that deep down I didn’t believe that He could change certain people. I had felt as if they were too deep in sin or too stuck in their ways to even want to become a Christian. Which means that I was limiting God’s ability and power. I mean God met ME right where I was and transformed my life. Why can’t He do the same for someone else?!

Well, that is just it. Too many times we ‘churchgoers’ judge people by their mistakes and thereby condemn them as ‘heathens’. This of course is hypocritical because we too were once heathens and we also still sin everyday! We simply found the path to forgiveness. It is therefore time for us to stop looking down on people that we deem as ‘impossible to save’.

But most of all, we need to all repent for telling God that He is unable to save every single person on this earth. We need to repent for seeing Him as limited in His power. We need to repent for trusting God for some things and not for all things.

It is time for us (well…me) to let God be God and pray for the salvation of every soul that I come in contact with. Their attitude has nothing to do with it. Whether or not they told me ‘Good morning’ has nothing to do with it. They need Christ as much as I do and from this day forward my perspective (and heart) have changed.

God can transform the heart of the worst sinner. Check your heart and ask Him to show you if you truly believe that.

Have a blessed week everyone! ❤


  1. This is so true— God’s power is more than we can comprehend. He can change all sinners: young or old from bad to worst. We shouldn’t doubt it; we should pray about it.🙏
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. God bless! ❤️

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