Looking back

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Many times it is best to just keep moving forward in our lives and not look back. I have had to do that, especially when I came to the realization that my constant looking back was keeping me stuck in a place of pain or grief or anger or bitterness.

But now I am seeing the benefits of looking back. The important thing to remember though, is to be careful what you look back to.


The things that I have been looking back to have been some powerful testimonies of God’s power in my life. Reminders that God is indeed able to do anything!

He reminded me of how difficult the final year of my degree was, yet I still made it through. He reminded me of how He helped me complete a course I had failed for my Associate degree all while also doing courses for my Bachelor’s degree. Yet I still made it through (mind you these were at different schools in different locations! 🥴). He reminded me of the end result of those very hard days – I graduated from both schools in the same year!

Two graduations in one year baby!

He reminded me of how I got the job that I have now. I had applied for a position at a new department but then sometime after the interview I began to feel as if I didn’t want that particular job anymore. It was sooo weird! And you know what? When my Supervisor came to me and told me that I had gotten the job it was for a position in a completely different department!!! 😳 I mean who does that?? God does.

God is truly amazing! And looking back at those moments have been helping to build my faith in this season. What amazing testimonies do you have that you should perhaps revisit? It is amazing the things that we forget.

I challenge you to try to remember at least 2 things that God has done in your life that was a major turning point for you at that time. It may surprise you what little exciting details you might remember that just blows your mind again or maybe makes you cry in gratitude. Sigh….God is indeed a good God.

Be blessed everyone and have a great weekend! ❤

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