Love your enemies

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Tonight during a Bible Study class that I attend every Wednesday, I learnt something really powerful.

First of all, one of the main things taught to us was the power of the Word of God. There is no power in error i.e. there is no power in the teaching of false doctrines or even teaching the Word of God out of context. We must know the truth. Which is why I am so very grateful for this class.

The portion of scripture taught on tonight was John 13:21-30 which shares an account of the moment that Judas truly chose to turn his back on Jesus and betray Him. In the text Jesus was telling His disciples that one of them would betray Him. None of them knew who it would be however so John, who was laying next to Him, asked “Lord, who is it”. And Jesus answered that the person that He gives a morsel of bread to is the one. Then Jesus took the morsel, dipped it in the bowl before them and gave it to Judas.

It says that John was the only one who heard what Jesus said. But that is not what I am going to focus on in this post. What I learned tonight was that the act of dipping the bread and giving it to someone was a Jewish custom performed by the host of a feast to a very special guest. So Jesus was actually performing a great act of kindness to Judas in that moment!

Jesus loved Judas despite the fact that He knew that he would betray Him. He continued to show kindness to him despite the evilness in Judas’ heart 😭.

What a lesson for us all. I have struggled and struggled to love people who just seem to hate me. I am always putting my heart before God for this because I really just want to be mean right back to them! But that is not how God’s Word says that we should live.

Jesus loved His enemies all the way to the cross. And He loves US despite the state of our heart and the mistakes that we make constantly. He lovingly listens to us as we pour out our hearts to Him and ask forgiveness for the same mistake time and time again.

It is especially not the example that Jesus set for us.

So as difficult as it may seem at times, I choose to not let anger, bitterness and unforgiveness have its way in my heart anymore. I choose instead to try to be more like Jesus, and….




  1. Wow! What an amazing post!😍 I didn’t know about the portion of the story where Jesus gave a piece of bread to Judas as an act of kindness, but of course, there’s so much to discover from the Bible. Jesus truly set a flawless, holy example for us through His life here on earth. And though it might be difficult, we must keep trying to love our enemies despite their hate towards us. Thank you again for another informative post! Take care. ❀


    1. Thank you so much Breanna! I had not known it before that day either! 😊 it was indeed an eye opener for me and very convicting. So I am working on it! You take care as well sis and keep safe ❀

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