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On Sunday 1st August, I will be performing in a music showcase being hosted by the music school that I am part of. I will be playing 2 songs……on guitar!!!

I can actually play guitar you guys!

When I tell you that God is so good! After class today I began to think about my life from 3 years ago to now and it struck me how profoundly different life is now! I mean 3 years ago Dance Ministry was LIFE. Then 2018 happened.

My little sister died, then God led me to move to my own apartment and then He led me to start this blog. All in the same year. Then in 2019 God led me to buy a guitar and in 2020 I started a Youtube channel and joined the music school. And then in 2021 I wrote my first book! ☺🤫 more about that in a future post 😁.

The point is that my life NOW is barely recognizable from just 3 years ago. At that time I saw ‘dancer’ as my identity. It was my sole purpose in life. Then God stepped in and shifted everything. I couldn’t understand what He was doing! But now I see.

There was more inside of me.

Are you limiting yourself? Do you see yourself as just a Sunday school teacher/choir member/singer/musician/…insert career or ministry here….? There is more. Let God in and stop seeing yourself based on your best talent.

God’s plan for us is never small! Yet sometimes we feel content with less than His plan. It’s time for that to change! Seek to know what else God has for you to do. Maybe it’s a book? A new business? An Instagram page that inspires others to serve Christ. Only God knows! So challenge yourself to press on and let Him bring more out of you.

Your life might just become unrecognizable. ❤

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