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Today the peace of God is washing over me in such a powerful way. During the Bible Study that my church has every week, I learned for the first time that the peace that Jesus has left with us is permanent. It’s always there! But I don’t always feel it.

Lately, anxiety seems to be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seems to be there everyday. But today I get it. I have not been putting myself in a place where I had the capacity to feel His peace. That is, until I felt God leading me to put the important things into the right priority. So I have begun to prioritize:

  • Personal Bible Study,
  • Exercising and working on my health,
  • Spending time with my husband.

And peace came today. Peace like I have not felt in a long time.

In too long.

Then, while the teacher was explaining something to someone in the class, her words suddenly jumped out at me. She said that we are to learn, grow and change. Sheesh! That one washed over me and broke something in my very mind! Mainly because of the last part – CHANGE. We are not meant to remain the same.

So the question is this: Have you been allowing yourself to change?

Not adapt. CHANGE.

Not just accept the new…….. CHANGE.

Not just learn and grow….but also change because of what you have learned that helped you to grow.

It’s so simple!! Yet so very profound.

Change me Lord. And use me as You will. (Check out this song and have a blessed rest of the week and weekend everyone! )

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