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Recently one of my church leaders shared with us that the days are getting darker and that God has told her that the chariots are ready.

They are ready.

That really spoke to me! It’s not that they are getting ready. They ARE ready! Ready to move. Ready to come for us. Jesus is coming again real soon.

And for some reason it put my grief into perspective.

Lately I have been grieving the loss of my little sister. I guess I will always feel it more in September. This is the month of her birthday and her death (and burial). Sigh. But if Jesus is coming again soon then that means that there is no need for tears. Soon I will get to see her again and hear her laugh again and see her dance again. I will see her again soon.

‘Soon’ could mean anything from 2 days to 2 years…..but that is not what matters. What is important is that I have work to do here on earth! I have to get some things done – I am called to be a Teacher, I need to grow! (and learn and change – see my last post!), I have books to finish and to publish, I have a channel to start again, I have souls that I need to reach and win for Jesus. Souls need to be saved!

So yes, I really miss my little sister in this time, and yes I may cry sometimes, but the focus right now should be doing the will of the Father and learning to be more like Christ. Learning to obey His commandments and cultivate the fruit of the spirit.

There is work to do.

Let’s get to it.


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