New Seasons

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For someone like me who has an analytical mind, being in a new season is both exciting and stressful. I can’t seem to ‘just go with the flow’ and let things happen naturally.

Nope. Instead I overthink and recalculate every step, wondering how the next step is going to pan out and if it will all be ok in the end.

It’s exhausting to say the least. Why are we like this??!

God gave my husband and I one instruction:

It is time to move from your apartment.

And we are so excited to be moving! We have outgrown this space and it can no longer meet our needs. We are literally uncomfortable in the space! So the search began! We have looked at pictures of almost every apartment within the East-West corridor. We have driven around our area looking for available spots. I have looked till my eyes burned and I have a headache and yet we still can’t seem to find the right one.

Last night however I think I reached rock bottom. I was tired and depressed. And that is exactly where we need to get to sometimes for God to speak to us. Somehow His voice is clearer in that place – rock bottom, the lowest place, the end of the road – when we finally give up.

There had been no need for all that work! We just needed to trust Him to guide us to the right one and be prepared to move. That’s it! And that is what we are going to do from today lol. Trust God at His word. ❤

I hope our story encourages you to trust in God while in your own new season. Even if your story is different to ours, the best thing to do is to wait on God’s direction as you traverse the new journeys of life.

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