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This is a statement that I have heard on so many occasions. “Well my truth is that…..”. It seems like a valid statement in the surface right? I mean, everyone has the right to choose what they believe.

But such a statement cannot exist within the realm of Christianity

I should not pick and choose ‘my truth’ from the Word of God based on what feels good to me, and leave out the rest. That is NOT how Jesus or the disciples lived! As scary as this may sound:

It’s all or nothing.

We need to give God 100%.

  • We are to pursue righteousness with all our hearts, in every circumstance.
  • We are to love God with all of our hearts and minds, which therefore requires us to search our hearts regularly for anything that is not like Him.
  • We are to serve GOD ALONE!

There is no other God, and although the world may try to tell you otherwise, choose to stand on THE TRUTH. There isn’t my truth and your truth. There is only Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

No man comes to the Father, except through Him. None of us can get to Heaven unless we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. That’s it. There is no other way.

Every ‘other way’ leads straight to the Lake of Fire, where the flames quench not and the worms die not. For all eternity. Don’t let the world or the devil or doubts or concerns about the Bible make you consider that:

well maybe there are other ways to heaven. I can’t tell people there is only one truth

Yes you can!!! Because that is the truth. Do not be nonchalant or compromising. Give God 100%. And tell the truth 100%.

You just might save a soul.

People get ready. Jesus is coming!


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