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Hi there! I’ve noticed that I have a few new followers on here and so I thought it would be fitting to re-introduce myself. My name is Abeo (pronounced ‘ah-bee-yo’) and I am from the beautiful Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

It’s almost hard to imagine that I have been writing for 3 years already! And what a remarkable journey it has been. Over the course of these 3 years I have navigated grief after losing my little sister, moving to a new apartment, growing in my walk with Christ, dating and getting married. Through it all I have brought you all along for the ride – all of the ups and downs of life, my struggles, my fears, my random thoughts.

To all my newbies I say WELCOME! Here on this blog I seek to use my personal experiences to help someone else navigate the twists and turns of their own life. My greatest desire above all is that you would learn to trust God more in spite of the circumstances that you may face. You can do it! Trust me.

Today during prayer time I felt as if the Holy Spirit reminded me of the importance of making the term ‘Change your perspective’ into more of a lifestyle. I suddenly remembered the reason why the term was so very important to me. How it all began.

Many years ago, God used an experience at my previous job to teach me the value in having the right perspective of things. At the time I had been upset because I had not wanted to be relocated to a new position that I had been forced into by my Supervisor, but eventually realized that it had all been orchestrated for my good. God had put me there! I just had not wanted to be there at the time lol. It is a good thing for us all to remember that ALL THINGS work together for our good – the good experiences, the bad experiences and the unexpected experiences. We may not see the reason for it immediately, but soon enough, once we let God have His way, we will soon get His perspective of it all.

So with that, I am encouraging you to join me on this journey of renewal of mindsets and perspective. It is going to be quite exciting! Who knows what lessons we will learn along the way?! With God at the helm, pretty much anything is possible.

It’s time for a renewed view

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